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A quality assurance specialist ensures that the final product observes the company's quality standards.

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On Time Delivery or OTD refers to a key performance indicator measuring the rate of finished product and deliveries made in time.

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Welcome to I.U.M. Surgical

About Us

I.U.M. SURGICAL is manufacturing & working in the field of design and development of certical care areas of health care premses including: Medical Gas Management system, Pre-fabricated Operating Rooms. Specialized Hospital furniture and related equipments.

Our product range include Medical Gas Management system (Plant, Piping layout a ric: bedside accessories along with ceiling pendants and bed head units), Modular Operation Theaters (Surgical control panels, laminar air flow system, Wall and ceiling constructions, flooring etc.), Specialized hospital furniture i.e Nursing Station, Specialized Carts and Storage Solution, Designing, Supply with all accessories etc.

We are one of the good manufactures of Hospital Furniture & O.T. Equipments and associated with laeding manufactures of Medical Gas pipline components and Modular Operation Theaters.

All our and associated Company products are as per international standard CE marked and manufactured in ISO certified factories I.U.M. SURGICAL is a group taking care of sales. service and product promotion in the healthcare market. A brief look at our infrastructure strength.

having a strong distributor network in all over india for sales and service of our products.

A dedicated group of high skilled and professional employees to meet customer's for their specific requirments/demand.

I.U.M. SURGICAL is a three decade old company and we have management professional and engineers committed to achive all set goals of the organization in the direction healthcare. The goal of comany is to cover hospital market by understanding changing scenarios in healthcare industries and by promoting world's best equipment followed by prompt and efficiant service to meet customer's expectations.

We provinding effeciant and prompt services to our customers with our prime version. We have high quality products and experienced qualified service team to keep our systems satisfactorily working.

Seeing our association with quality oriented company and work cune this filed, we hope the provide deatils will be helpfull to make you undersatnd position:- Indian and International Helathcare Market.

Quality Standard

Our products our company are ISO 14001:2015 Certified.

Thanking you and looking forward to serve you

With Thanks and Regards for I.U.M. SURGICAL


Company's Philosophy

Being in a business that has to take care of health and well-being of people, we ensure that no compromises are made. No doubt, we understand that life is precious. Since the beginning, our business philosophy is based on exceptional service, high quality and value. We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our customers, our employees and our partners. The company believes in long term relationship and mutual growth as objective. At I.U.M, quality is a culture and service a tradition.


Why Us?

Our company always believes in offering high grade quality products to our valued clients all across the market.

Advanced Technology

With the rising demands of extreme quality hospital equipment pieces in the medical industry, we have upgraded ourselves to a higher note, leveraging on the latest technology. And this is the reason that advanced technology has allowed us to diagnose and treat our patients in a much better way possible.


Our approach is simple! All our hospital products and medical accessories are focussed on patient’s health and safety. All hospital products are manufactured in such a way that aid in better patients outcomes and improved level of reduced risks. All we concentrate on is the increased efficiency and raise the standard of living









What Our Client Say

Our company always believes in offering high grade quality products to our valued clients all across the market.

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